OR/MS Tomorrow Subcommittee

The OR/MS Tomorrow Subcommittee produces the student newsletter called OR/MS Tomorrow. It provides a student perspective of operations research and management sciences (OR/MS)  aiming to introduce topics relevant to students, highlight their accomplishments, and promote awareness of current events and issues in OR/MS.

Editorial Staff
Kara Combs, Co-Lead Editor

Yassine Yaakoubi, Editorial Board member
Harsh Anand, Editorial Board member
Farzin Ahmadi, Editorial Board member
Haokun Du, Editorial Board member
Sen Li, Editorial Board member
Amir Moadab, Editorial Board member

Madhulika Chilla, Editorial Staff Writer
Nandan Kumar Singh, Editorial Staff Writer/Production Editor
Abigail Lindner, Editorial Staff Writer
Saeedeh Dehghani Firoozabadi, Editorial Staff Writer
Soham Agarwal, Editorial Staff Writer
Alexander Scarcelli, Editorial Staff Writer

Valentina Casta├▒eda-Torres, Production Editor
Xiaoyu Mu, Production Editor

Gulten Busra Karkili, Social Media Coordinator
Paula A. Penagos-Rodriguez, Social Media Coordinator
Zihan Zhang,  Social Media Coordinator
Yiwen Wang, Website Coordinator

David Czerwinski, Faculty Advisor
Kara Tucker, INFORMS Staff Liaison

The OR/MS Tomorrow website can be found here.

For further information on this subcommittee, please see Section 11 of the Policy & Procedures Manual.