Subdivisions Council and Committees

2024 Subdivisions Council

The Subdivisions Council is charged with establishing effective communication between the subdivisions and the INFORMS Board. Council members are selected by subdivisions members. The Chapters and Forums Committee provides support to the VP Chapters and Forums and the Sections/Societies Committee provides support to the VP Sections/Societies.

Subdivisions Council volunteers are a vital part of achieving our goals and making a difference. In the past the council has played a large part in many accomplishments within INFORMS. Some of these accomplishments include:

1) Chartering new Student Chapters
2) Creating and approving of new Sections, Societies, and Regional Chapters
3) Creating a Diversity Initiative within INFORMS
4) Promoting the creation of Ethics Guidelines
5) Creating and making permanent a subdivision as a member benefit

Subdivisions Council Vice Presidents

Representatives from Societies

  • Harrison Schramm, Analytics Society
  • Soumyadip Ghosh, Applied Probability Society
  • Merve Bodur, Computing Society
  • Asil Ozetekin, Data Mining Society
  • Robin Dillon-Merrill, Decision Analysis Society
  • Mark Van Oyen, Health Applications Society
  • Sumit Sarkar, Information Systems Society
  • Luyi Gui, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Society
  • Kusum Ailwadi, Marketing Science Society
  • Nathan Bastian, Military & Security Society
  • Alper Atmturk Optimization Society
  • Canan Gunes Corlu, Simulation Society
  • Alan Erera, Transportation Science & Logistics Society

Representatives from Sections

  • John Hollywood
  • Pooja Dewan
  • Kayse Maass
  • Paul Messinger

Representatives from Chapters

  • Dirk Sierag
  • Ziteng Wang
  • Jose Ramirez-Calderon

Representatives from Student Chapters

  • Rebecca Alcock
  • Madison Evans

Representatives from Forums

  • Angelika Leskovskaya

2024 Chapters/Forums Committee

  • Vinod Cheriyan, Chair
  • Kathryn Walter, Former Chair
  • Miguel Anjos, INFORMS VP International Activities
  • Su Rayburn
  • Peter Muenzfeld
  • Priyank Aurora
  • Nick Ulmer
  • Diana Ramirez-Rios
  • Alison Cozad 
  • Jose Ramirez-Calderon, Subdivisions Council Rep.
  • Rebecca Alcock, Subdivisions Council Rep.
  • Madison Evans, Subdivisions Council Rep.
  • Ziteng WangSubdivisions Council Rep.
  • Scharan Johnson, Director, Membership and Communities
  • Chelsea Teimoori, Community Relations Coordinator

2024 Sections/Societies Committee  

  • Mark Squillante, Chair
  • John R. Birge
  • Brenda Dietrich
  • Shane G. Henderson
  • Julie Ivy
  • Paul Messinger
  • Rhonda Righter
  • Theresa Roeder
  • David Simchi-Levi
  • Scharan JohnsonDirector, Membership and Communities
  • Beth West, Senior Community Relations Coordinator