INFORMS Board of Directors (2024)

Julie Swann headshot

Julie Swann


North Carolina State University

Laura Albert headshot

Laura Albert

Past President

University of Wisconsin-Madison

David Hunt headshot

David Hunt

President Elect

Oliver Wyman

Mark Lewis image

Mark Lewis


Cornell University

Susan Martonosi image

Susan Martonosi


Harvey Mudd College

Tinglong Dai image

Tinglong Dai

Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Outreach

Johns Hopkins

VP Education

Illya Hicks

Vice President, Education

Rice University

VP Technology

Warren Hearnes

Vice President, Technology Strategy

Best Buy

Miguel Anjos headshot

Miguel Anjos

Vice President, International Activities

University of Edinburgh

VP, Meetings

Ariela Sofer

Vice President, Meetings

George Mason University

Anahita Khojandi image

Anahita Khojandi

Vice President, Membership and Professional Recognition

University of Tennessee

Robin Lougee image

Robin Lougee

Vice President, Practice 


VP, Publications

Christopher Tang

Vice President, Publications

University of California, Los Angeles

Mark Squillante headshot

Mark Squillante

Vice President, Sections and Societies

IBM Corporation

Vinod Cheriyan headshot

Vinod Cheriyan

Vice President, Chapters and Forums

Stitch Fix

Executive Director

Elena Gerstmann

Executive Director