Harvey J. Greenberg

October 16, 1940 – June 29, 2018

Brief Biography

Harvey J. Greenberg is a recipient of the Canadian Operational Research Society’s Harold Larnder Prize and namesake of the INFORMS Computing Society’s service award. Greenberg studied industrial engineering at the University of Miami prior to enrolling in the operations research graduate program at Johns Hopkins University. There, he received a PhD in 1968, after which he accepted a position as Associated Professor of Systems Engineering at Southern Methodist University.

Greenberg left SMU in 1973 to join Management Sciences Systems as a senior analyst. From 1974 until 1983, he held positions at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and the Energy Information Administration. It was during this period when Greenberg began the development of computer-assisted analysis, creating an artificially intelligent environment for analyzing mathematical programming models and their results. This work led to him receiving the first ever Computing Society Prize in 1986.

In 1983, Greenberg joined the University of Colorado Denver where he remained until his 2008 retirement. As second chair of the Operations Research Society of America’s (ORSA) Computer Science Special Interest Group (which he helped found in 1976), he transformed the group into the ORSA Computer Science Technical Section and led first symposium in 1985. Having launched the effort for a computing science journal for operations researcher, Greenberg created the predecessor of today’s INFORMS Journal on Computing and served as its first editor.

During the course of his thirty-plus years of professional development, Greenberg introduced many courses in operations research/computer science interfaces, most recently in computational biology. He has applied a number of OR methodologies like queueing theory and integer programming to prevalent computing problems and vice versa. Greenberg, who was elected a Fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences in 2011, remains actively engaged in the INFORMS Computing Society.

Other Biographies

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The University of Miami,, BS 1962

Johns Hopkins University, PhD 1968 (Mathematics Genealogy)


Academic Affiliations
Non-Academic Affiliations
  • Energy Information Adminsitration
  • Management Sciences Institute 

Key Interests in OR/MS

Application Areas

Memoirs and Autobiographies


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Awards and Honors

Association of Computing Machinery Recognition of Service 1985

Computing Society Prize 1986

ORSA Recognition of Service 1993

Harold Larnder Prize 1999

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Fellow 2011

Selected Publications

Greenberg H. J. & Pierskalla W. P. (1970) Surrogate mathematical programming. Operations Research, 18(5): 924-939.

Greenberg H. J. & Pierskalla W. P. (1971) A review of quasi-convex functions. Operations Research, 19(7): 1553-1570.

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