George Shortley

ORSA President, 1965

George Shortley was the 14th President of ORSA. The is his citation for the Kimball Award. It was published in Operations Research, Vol. 23, No. 2, March - April 1975:

George Shortley took over the editorship of the journal of the Operations Research Society of America when it was only a few months old and the published literature in the field consisted of one book and relatively few widely scattered papers. Believing in the potential growth and usefulness of operations research, he made Operations Research a widely read and respected journal, a result that was in no small measure due to his broad interests, deep understanding, and uncompromising standards. Through his efforts, the journal played a leading role in the world community in establishing standards for the scientific and professional literature of our field, in defining important areas for investigation, in reporting progress in them, and in keeping our perspectives widely and deeply relevant. He has also. been a pioneer and long-term practitioner of the art of operations research and has served the Society in many posts, including that of President.

For these significant contributions, the Operations Research Society of America awards George Shortley the George E. Kimball Medal for distinguished service to our Society and to the profession of operations research.

George Shortley's Awards