Herbert F. Ayres

TIMS President, 1982-83

Herbert Ayres was the 29th President of TIMS. He was Chairman of the Ayers, Barry Corporation when he served as President. He was Vice President and Director of Research, J.P. Morgan and Company (1978-80), Vice President (Operations Research) Morgan Guarantee Trust Co. (1967-76) after having been Guarantee’s Director of Operations Research (1963-67).

He was Vice President-at-Large of TIMS (197077), Chairman (1974-76) and Vice Chairman (1972-74) of the College on the Practice of Management Science, Member of the Committee to advise the National Science Foundation (1979). . He wrote papers, usually with J.Y. Barry, on finance issues such as the U.S. Treasury Bonds, on risk aversion in warranty markets, on the random nature of stock prices, and on professional issues such as refereeing.

SB (Physics), SM (Management Science), ABD (Management Science), MIT.

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