W. Edward Cushen

ORSA President, 1970

Ed Cushen was the 19th President of ORSA. He was a member of the legendary Johns Hopkins Operations Research Office. He also taught at Case Institute of Technology and worked as an analyst and technical manager for the Institute of Defense Analysis, the National Bureau of Standards, and the Department of Defense. At the Bureau of Standards he was chief of the Technical Analysis Division, a group dedicated to analyzing the effects of science and technology, especially operations research and systems analysis, on the programs of science-oriented agencies of the Department of Commerce and other governmental agencies.

As an operations research analyst he worked on field problems, not afraid to get his hands dirty with data. In his study of military operational problems he developed innovative approaches to the construction and evaluation of computer-based war games and military gaming exercises.

While President of ORSA, he was instrumental in starting OR/MS Today. His service and commitment to ORSA spanned two decades, starting in 1956. He served on three program committees for meetings, as well as the membership, publications, nominating, ethics and professional practice, and long-range planning committees

BA (Mathematics and Philosophy) Western Maryland University; PhD (Logic and Metaphysics) University of Edinburgh (UK)

W. Edward Cushen's Awards