Build Your Analytics Network as an Organization

Extend your reach to potential employees, executives, and other organizations by taking advantage of INFORMS' avenues for connection. Whether you're looking for some new ideas, a meeting of the company minds, or looking to show off something excellent your team has accomplished, INFORMS can help.

Join Roundtable

INFORMS Roundtable is comprised of organizations, not individuals, each represented by the ranking manager or executive for O.R. and analytics activity at that organization. Membership provides a way for new O.R. and analytics groups to leverage the hard-won lessons of established groups and for mature groups to keep their edge through exposure to new ideas and peer networking.

Attend a Conference

INFORMS hosts a variety of conferences each year, each with its own focus. The INFORMS Business Analytics Conference held each spring focuses on industry practitioners and their applications of analytics in industry.

Apply for Awards

When your team has accomplished something noteworthy, it makes sense that you would want to highlight that to the industry. INFORMS has a number of awards for different O.R. and analytics applications and achievements.


Exhibit at a conference, or sponsor an event, or advertise in a scholarly journal or magazine to reach new academic and practitioner audiences.