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Decision Science Digest: November 9, 2021

Decision Science Digest: November 9, 2021

Journal Paper, November 9, 2021
  • New research examines the role of water scarcity on manufacturing operations and what it means for the environment (INFORMS journal Management Science)
  • New research illustrates the influence of product reviews, both past and present, on current sales (INFORMS journal Management Science)
  • New research shows multi-use video game consoles can increase industry profits and benefits from used game market (INFORMS journal Information Systems Research)
  • New research examines the effects of immediate feedback on driver safety (INFORMS journal Manufacturing & Service Operations Management)
Decision Science Digest: September 28, 2021

Decision Science Digest: September 28, 2021

Journal Paper, September 28, 2021
  • New Research Predicts Wildfire Threat and Helps Position Personnel and Resources Accordingly (INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics)
  • Physician Incentives Can Reduce the Overuse of Cardiac Stents by 26% (INFORMS journal Manufacturing & Service Operations Management)
  • Researchers Develop Way to Improve Fleet-based Operations that Reduce Electric Mobility Service Costs by Nearly 40% (INFORMS journal Transportation Science)
  • Learning from Failure: New Research Shows Too Much Optimism Hinders Entrepreneurs (INFORMS journal Organization Science)

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