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Point/Counterpoint on Big Data: INFORMS VP in CNN Online

March 12, 2015

In his CNN opinion piece, "The Big Dangers of Big Data" , Konstantin Kakaes of New America raises some interesting points about the ways that designing certain types of Big Data projects could lead to bad societal results.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kakaes' column appears to be part of a larger narrative that is skewing the perception of the importance of advanced data analytics to economies, societies and families around the world.

Big Data is not merely the accumulation of vast amounts of information, but a collection of interconnected and interrelated data points that, when analyzed carefully, helps business leaders make decisions that lead to increased profitability and job creation, assists doctors and scientists in understanding critical factors about health care, helps policymakers better protect the public from potential terror attacks, and much more.

Marketing Science: Tension between sales and market managers

March 2, 2015

It all starts with the sales rep. He or she is on the front line of the battle for corporate revenue. They also are the first and sometimes last contact point a customer has with the company. So who better than to turn to about advice on said customers, correct, than the sales rep? For that reason, when the sales rep urge headquarters to come down a notch on pricing, their opinion should seriously be considered, right?

Maybe, according to academic research on the subject—but first have the sales reps strenuously argue the case as to why a price should be lowered.

So found a study that ran in the November issue of Marketing Science, a publication of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

The study, called "Why do sales people spend so much time lobbying for low prices?" was conducted by Duncan Simester, the Nanyang Technological University Professor of Management Science, and Juanjuan Zhang, Associate Professor of Marketing, both at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Looking for Big Pay, Less Stress? OR!

January 16, 2015

Operations research analyst is another high-growth job in the business sector. These data miners can be involved in everything from logistics to manufacturing, looking to enhance a company's profitability and cost efficiency. In 2013, the typical salary was pushing $75,000 annually, but analysts in New York, San Jose and San Diego often earn more than $130,000.

Survey shows most organizations don't have plan in place to assess their analytics maturity

November 13, 2014

According to a new INFORMS survey of 230 business, government and academic representatives released today, the concept of "analytics maturity" is important or very important to their businesses (65 percent). Yet, 82 percent of those same respondents admitted they do not have a plan, model, or any other mechanism in place for measuring the efficacy or maturity of their analytics best practices over time.

Some 47 percent of those surveyed attributed the lack of analytics maturity modeling to the fact they don't believe it will help their businesses thrive, while 21 percent said they cannot afford an analytics maturity model solution.

"The ability to fully assess the maturity level of an organization's analytics best practices is paramount to their efficacy," said Aaron Burciaga, senior manager, operations analytics at Accenture. "With more access to information than ever before, organizations must have a strategy in place for how they leverage data and analytics, and assess the maturity of their programs to empower decision making and drive organizational strategy."

Executive Pay: The final reckoning

October 23, 2014

IN HIS book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, Thomas Piketty argues that it is impossible to find an “objective basis” for the high salaries of senior executives in terms of their individual productivity: they pay themselves such exorbitant sums simply because they can. However, in a forthcoming paper in Management Science, an American journal, two academics claim to have found such an objective measure, and conclude that most bosses are not overpaid.

In their study, Bang Dang Nguyen of the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School and Kasper Meisner Nielsen of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology looked at how firms’ shares react when the chief executive or another prominent manager dies suddenly. They identified 149 cases of this happening at American companies between 1991 and 2008.

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Artificial Intelligence

To make effective AI policy you must trust those who’ve been there

To make effective AI policy you must trust those who’ve been there

Federal News Network, June 11, 2024

On March 28, the White House took a pretty big step toward establishing a broader national policy on artificial intelligence when it issued a memorandum on how the federal government will manage it. It established new federal agency requirements and guidance for AI governance, innovation and risk management. All of this is in keeping with the AI in Government Act of 2020, the Advancing American AI Act, and the President’s executive order on the “Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence.”  


Supply Chain

Whose Tariffs Are Worse For The American Consumer?

Whose Tariffs Are Worse For The American Consumer?

CNBC, July 2, 2024

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump share common ground on tariff policy. While some policymakers argue that tariffs can be a tool to protect and help grow domestic industries and ensure national security, tariffs may also result in unintended economic consequences that cost U.S. consumers billions. Trump's trade war tariffs generated about $233 billion in duties collected by U.S. Customs through March 2024, according to an analysis from the Tax Foundation. Watch the video above to find out which candidate's tariffs will be more expensive for the American consumer.

OK Manufacturing Alliance offers ‘Supply Chain Academy’

OK Manufacturing Alliance offers ‘Supply Chain Academy’

The Journal Record, June 5, 2024

ARDMORE — The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance will feature noted supply chain logistics expert and author Sunderesh Heragu at its “Supply Chain Academy” on Wednesday, June 12 at the Ardmore Convention Center, 2401 N Rockford Road in Ardmore.


After Park City Wind failure, can Connecticut offshore wind rebound?

After Park City Wind failure, can Connecticut offshore wind rebound?

WSHU, March 18, 2024

In December 2019, Connecticut announced the largest purchase of renewable energy in state history. Providing 804 megawatts of offshore wind power, Avangrid’s Park City Wind Project promised the equivalent of 14% of the state’s electricity supply, $890 million in direct economic development, improved grid reliability during the winter and the opportunity to slash over 25 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.