Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence (AI) spurs many different emotions in people. For INFORMS members whose work focuses on AI as it relates to operations research and analytics, AI is an issue they want to learn more about and help articulate the societal and economic implications. 

INFORMS’ 10,000+ members are comprised of a diverse and robust international community of practitioners, researchers, educators, and students from a variety of fields. Their work touches literally every sector and has been responsible for life changing and life savings solutions driven by modeling and data. 

Many INFORMS members have long worked in areas related to artificial intelligence where operations research and analytics can provide valuable information for policymakers and other decision makers. They have been quoted in mainstream media articles, appeared as guests on podcasts, and submitted peer-reviewed research, among other things. Their expertise is providing awareness about the critical issues related to the future of work, healthcare, and transportation. 

If your organization would like additional information, or to be connected with an INFORMS expert, please contact Jeff Cohen, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer or Ashley Smith, Public Affairs Coordinator.