Alan S. Manne

Alan S. Manne

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Multi-Level Planning: Case Studies in Mexico, edited by Louis M. Goreux and Alan S. Manne.

Luciano Brraza
Luz Maria Bassoco
Guillermo Fernandez de la Garza
Yves Franchet
Richard A. Inman
Donald B. Keesing
Janos Kornai
Gary P. Kutcher
Roger D. Norton
Leopoldo Solis
Saul Trejo Reyes
Jose Alberto Valencia
Donald L. Winkelmann

This book is a bench mark quantitative study of policy oriented issues in a growing economy. In the modern tradition of Professor W. Leontief's input-output analysis, a team of researchers from several institutions employed advanced mathematical programming approaches to study in depth the problems of interdependency among national economic choices. This monograph on multi-level planning is impressive in its dedication to developing and testing large-scale models based on available statistical data. The team's decision a half-decade ago to give special emphasis to the agricultural and energy sectors was prophetic in anticipating many of today's critical world-wide problems. Beyond its substantial contribution to empirical analysis, the book also enhances conceptual understanding of multi-level national planning as well as demonstrates the benefits to strategic policy analysis of continuing technical innovations in operations research.