Greg Doonan

Past Awards

Decision Analysis Practice Award: Winner(s)
2016 - Winner(s)
Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Advanced Analytics and Operations Research: Finalist

Franz Edelman Award: Winner(s)
2015 - Winner(s)

Syngenta, a leading developer of crop varieties (seeds) that provide food for human and livestock consumption, is committed to bringing greater food security to an increasingly populous world by creating a transformational shift in farm productivity. Syngenta Soybean Research and Development (R&D) is leading Syngenta’s corporate plant-breeding strategy by developing and implementing a new product development model that is enabling the creation of an efficient and effective soybean breeding strategy. Key to the new strategy is the combination of advanced analytics and plant-breeding knowledge to find opportunities to increase crop productivity and optimize plant-breeding processes. Syngenta uses discrete-event and Monte Carlo simulation models to codify Syngenta Soybean R&D best practices, and uses stochastic optimization to create the best soybean breeding plans and strategically align its research efforts. As a result of using these new analytical tools, Syngenta estimates that it will save more than $287 million between 2012 and 2016.