Maurice F. C . Allais

Maurice F. C . Allais

Past Awards

Frederick W. Lanchester Prize: Winner(s)

M. Allais, "Method of Appraising Economic Prospects of Mining Exploration over Large Territories: Algerian Sahara Case Study," Management Science 3, 285-347 (July 1957).

The screener's appraisals effectively summarize the Committee's opinions of these papers. These appraisals were essentially as follows:

  • The paper by Allais is an outstanding example of an able quantitative analysis of a very difficult and elusive problem resulting in a reasonable basis for management decision, a basis which, as a matter of fact, was used by the decision makers. The paper is notable for the broadness of its scope and the imaginative use of standard techniques. It clearly records each stage of the research: formulation of the problem, collection and analysis of data, construction of the model, testing the model, and derivation of conclusions. Despite its shortcomings in organization and translation, the technical quality of the paper is such that no apology for these minor deficiencies is required.