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UPS George D. Smith Prize: Winner(s)

The UPS George D. Smith Prize is dedicated to the proposition that to be true to the origins of Operations Research, a discipline that founded on practice, all academic operations research programs must familiarize their students with practice. The Center for Operations Excellence (COE) of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia embodies the true spirit of the UPS George D. Smith Prize.

A made in British Columbia solution to meet the needs of the British Columbia, COE’s Master of Management in  Operations Research (MMOR) program is an innovation in training students for the practice of Operations Research. A unique blend of theory and intensive hands on practice, this 16 month project oriented program has produced a generation of practitioners who are highly sought after by the government and the industry. These practitioners have established a long and distinguished proven track record of delivering exceptional solutions to improve efficiency, service, and sustainability to their employers and clients alike. The COE/MMOR sets itself apart by instilling in its students a quantitative decision making mindset that guides them through their technical career, and beyond.

By awarding the 2015 UPS George D. Smith Prize to the Center for Operations Excellence and its Master of Management in Operations Research Program, INFORMS salutes the Center for Operations Excellence, the MMOR Program, and its students for their outstanding contributions  to the society by practicing Operations Research.