Sheldon M. Ross

Sheldon M. Ross

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Saul Gass Expository Writing Award: Winner(s)

The winner of the 2006 INFORMS Expository Writing Award is Sheldon M. Ross for his many textbooks on probability, stochastic processes, and their applications.
Over a span of more than three decades, Ross has produced a series of wonderful textbooks that demonstrate consistent, masterful writing. His books clearly motivate topics, present the relevant theory, and provide numerous elegant examples. As the requirements of the award mandate, Ross has influenced how these topics are studied and taught. He has tackled introductory undergraduate texts as well as advanced topics for graduate students. In the process he has produced enduring classics. A First Course in Probability is currently in its seventh edition. The ninth edition of Introduction to Probability Models will be published this fall. Many of his other books have appeared in multiple editions. These are the books from which many researchers first learned fundamental topics in operations research; these are also the books that many keep as essential references.

The Committee members (Sigrun Andradottir, Michael Harrison, and Martin Lariviere) are proud to designate Sheldon M. Ross as the recipient of the 2006 INFORMS Expository Writing Award.