Terry P. Harrison, CAP

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Terry P. Harrison received his B.S. in forest science from Penn State University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in management science at the University of Tennessee. He has been a member of the faculty at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State since 1982.  He was a member of the Management Science and Information Systems Department from 1982-2002, serving as department chair in 2000-2001.  Since 2002, he has been a member of the Supply Chain and Information Systems Department within Smeal.  He is currently the Earl P. Strong Executive Education Professor of Business, Professor of Supply Chain and Information Systems and Faculty Director of Sustainability.

Professor Harrison’s research has primarily focused on the use of operations research and analytics applied to supply chain management. The application of his work on the design of supply chains was an Edelman finalist and the co-authored companion paper is one of the most highly cited manuscripts in the history ofInterfaces.  He is a co-recipient of the Wilbur Payne Group Award for excellence in Army Operations Research that is presented yearly by the Army Operations Research Society for excellence in Army OR for his work on enabling strategic responsiveness.  He has also received other awards for research and practice from other professional organizations. 

Harrison has won a number of teaching awards, including a national award by Educom for implementing optimization in undergraduate optimization and recognition byBusiness Weekas a “four star” instructor.  He has designed six new graduate courses on various aspects of optimization and is currently co-developing an online curriculum that includes a new course on prescriptive analytics. 

Harrison has a long history of service to the profession, in general, and INFORMS, in particular.  He has served five times as an Edelman judge, six times as a Wagner Prize judge, two terms as Editor-in-Chief ofInterfaces, five years as Vice President of Publications, and a three-year sequence as President-Elect, President (2012), and Past President of INFORMS, along with many contributions within meetings, publications, planning and outreach.  He currently serves on the Analytics Certification Board. 

Harrison is a recently elected Fellow of INFORMS.  He has also served as an operations research and analytics consultant on a continual basis for over 30 years to industry, federal and state governments. 

For his many contributions to the field of operations research and management science the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences expresses its sincere appreciation to Terry P. Harrison by awarding him the 2014 George E. Kimball Medal.

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