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INFORMS Prize: Winner(s)
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INFORMS Prize: Winner(s)

Awarded to UPS for its sustained use of operations research and management science technologies throughout its organization. Operations research techniques have been instrumental since the 1950s in UPS’s successful growth to the $32 billion company that it is today. UPS has used operations research to structure its organization of 360,000 people, 1,800 facilities, 90,000 vehicles, and 580 aircraft, and to facilitate the daily decisions that guarantee the prompt delivery of 10,000,000 parcels each day. Managerial decision making at UPS is indeed inextricably linked with operations research methodologies, which are used not just by technical operations research staff, but by every manager. Moreover, UPS has gone beyond the mere implementation of existing operations research technology to the development of original research, which has advanced the forefront of operations research. While providing myriad cost savings, operations research is indeed a strategic lynchpin and a significant source of competitive advantage for UPS. We salute UPS for its success, and its innovative use and development of operations research.

The award was presented by James Bradley, Committee Chair and Thomas M. Cook, 2003 INFORMS President in October 2003.