Walter L. Deemer, Jr.

Walter L. Deemer, Jr.

Past Awards

Frederick W. Lanchester Prize: Winner(s)

Clayton J. Thomas and Walter L. Deemer, Jr., "The Role of Operational Gaming in Operations Research," Operations Research 5, 1-27 (February 1957).

The screener's appraisals effectively summarize the Committee's opinions of these papers. These appraisals were essentially as follows:

  • The Thomas-Deemer paper is a unique and highly successful attempt to assess the strengths and weaknesses of operational gaming. It does this clearly and concisely, amply illustrating each point. This is an excellently written paper from the point of view of style. The authors discuss very complex material simply, directly, and effectively. The paper achieves a balanced set of judgments in a field where opinions are diverse and strongly held and in which discriminating information is largely lacking. The paper will long be regarded as a landmark in its field.