William "Al" Wallace

William "Al" Wallace

Past Awards

INFORMS President's Award: Awardee(s)

The INFORMS President’s Award is given to recognize work that advances the welfare of society. Dr. William "Al" Wallace has nearly three decades of distinguished contributions to the understanding and management of urban service systems. Particularly noteworthy is his work on emergency and disaster management, on ethics in modeling, on operational risk management, and on information systems for safe and efficient maritime commerce.

Dr. Wallace’s research in information and decision technologies has helped to ensure safer, more secure and more productive transportation systems. His work in emergency management has included quick response studies following the Exxon Valdez accident and the World Trade Center attack. He has served on several national boards and panels, including his present service on the National Research Council’s Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment.

For his wide-ranging and critical contributions to the public sector, INFORMS is proud to present its President’s Award for 2004 to Dr. William A. Wallace.

- Michael Rothkopf, INFORMS President 2004 (presenting the award in October 2004)