Analytics Society

Innovative Applications in Analytics Award

The purpose of the Innovative Applications in Analytics Award, brought to you by the Analytics Society of INFORMS is to recognize the creative and unique application of analytical techniques. The prize promotes the creative combination of analytics techniques in innovative applications to provide novel insights and creates economic or social value.

Applicants can submit proposals that span applications of descriptive, predictive and/or prescriptive analytics, as well as data creation, collection and dissemination which support or enable original analytical methods.

Descriptive innovation could include novel measures, visualization methods, or creative approaches to the analytics process improvement, among others. Predictive innovation might be statistical applications, text analytics or simulation, among others. Prescriptive innovation might include game theory or optimization. New sources of data creation and collection, and new avenues for dissemination of analytical approaches can also help demonstrate the innovativeness of the submission. The lists above are not meant to be exhaustive, but rather illustrative examples of areas of innovation.

Crop Challenge in Analytics Award

As our world population increases and arable land decreases, it becomes vital to improve the productivity of the agricultural land available. Companies like Syngenta strive to provide varieties of their crops to meet this need. 
Every year farmers have to make decisions about which soybean seeds to plant given information about different soybean varieties and knowledge about the soil and climate at their respective farms. These annual decisions are critical - after a variety is planted, the decision is irreversible. Unusual weather patterns can have disastrous impacts on crops.

Women in Operations Research – Bayer Scholarship

The purpose of the Women in Operations Research - Bayer Scholarship is to provide a well-qualified female graduate student interested in the practice of operations research or analytics with the opportunity to attend the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Michael F. Gorman Distinguished Award for Contributions to the Analytics Society

The Analytics Society of INFORMS is deeply appreciative of its volunteer's contributions, and it endeavors to find ways to recognize and encourage such outstanding service. Toward that end, the society established in 2020 the Michael F. Gorman Distinguished Award for Contributions to the Analytics Society. The award is named after Michael Gorman, the first President of the Analytics Society, as a recognition of his outstanding service to the society and INFORMS at large.