Student Paper Award

2022 Winner(s)

Winning material: PERCEPT: a new online change-point detection method using topological data analysis

Purpose of the Award

The Data Mining (DM) Society of INFORMS announces the DM Best Student Paper Competition to recognize excellence among its student members.

Application process:

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Past Awardees

2022 Winner(s)
Xiaojun Zheng Simon Mak Liyan Xie, Georgia Tech
Yao Xie, Georgia Tech
Xubo Yue, University of Michigan
Raed Al Kontar, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2020 Winner(s)
Yongchun Li, Virginia Tech
Weijun Xie, Virginia Tech
2020 Finalist
Jie Guo, Tsinghua University
Hao Yan Steven Hoi, Southern Methodist University
Chen Zhang, Tsinghua University
Ziyue Li, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hao Yan Chen Zhang, Tsinghua University
Fugee Tsung, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2020 Runner-Up
Jialei Chen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Zhehui Chen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Chuck Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology
C. F. Jeff Wu
2019 Winner(s)
Di Wang, Peking University Xi Zhang , Peking University Kaibo Liu, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Zhehui Chen, Georgia Institute of Technology Simon Mak C. F. Jeff Wu
2019 Finalist
Dimitris J. Bertsimas , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management and Operations Research Center Arthur Delarue, MIT Operations Research Center Patrick Jaillet , Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sebastien Martin, MIT Operations Research Center
Gökçe Kahvecioğlu, Northwestern University David Morton, Northwestern University
2015 Winner(s)
Mingdi You, University of Michigan
2015 Finalist
Sam Davanloo Tajbakhsh, Sam Davanloo Tajbakhsh
Murat Yildirim, Georgia Tech
2014 Winner(s)
Hao Yan
2014 Finalist
Jialei Wang
2013 Finalist
Chitta Ranjan, George Institute of Technology Zhaoran Wang, Princeton University Benjamin Letham, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zhengyi Zhou, Cornell University
2012 First Place
Kaibo Liu, Georgia Tech
2012 Finalist
Yi-Hao Kao, Stanford University
2011 First Place
Kamran Paynabar, University of Michigan
2011 Finalist
Shuai Huang, Arizona State University
Chun-An Chou, University of Michigan
2010 First Place
Jian Guo, University of Michigan
2010 Second Place
Sangheum Hwang, Rutgers University
2010 Third Place
Andrew Trapp, University of Pittsburgh
2009 First Place
Michele Samorani, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University