INFORMS Computing Society Prize

2023 Winner(s)

Winning material: Citation: For their path-breaking research on convexification of mixed-integer polynomial optimization problems

Purpose of the Award

The INFORMS Computing Society (ICS) Prize is an annual award for the best English language paper or group of related papers dealing with the Operations Research/Computer Science interface. 

Application Process

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Past Awardees

2023 Winner(s)
Alberto Del Pia, University of Wisconsin-Madison Aida Khajavirad, Carnegie Mellon University
2022 Winner(s)
Saeed Ghadimi, University of Florida Guanghui Lan, Georgia Institute of Technology Hongchao Zhang, Lousiana State University
2021 Winner(s)
Adolfo R. Escobedo, Arizona State University
Erick Moreno Centeno, Texas A&M University Christopher Lourenco, Texas A&M University
Timothy Alden Davis , Texas A&M University
2020 Winner(s)
Samuel Burer, University of Iowa Renato D.C. Monteiro, Georgia Institute of Technology
2019 Winner(s)
William E. Hart, Sandia National Labs
Carl D. Laird, Sandia National Labs
Jean-Paul Watson, Sandia National Labs
David L. Woodruff, University of California - Davis
Gabriel A. Hackebeil, Deepfield
Bethany L. Nicholson, Sandia National Labs
John Siirola, Sandia National Labs
2018 Winner(s)
James V. Burke, University of Washington
Frank E. Curtis, Lehigh University
Adrian S. Lewis, Cornell University
Michael L. Overton, New York University
2017 Winner(s)
Shabbir Ahmed , Georgia Institute of Technology George Nemhauser , Georgia Institute of Technology Juan Pablo Vielma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2015 First Place
Suvrajeet Sen, University of Southern California Dinakar Gade, Sabre Julia Higle, University of Southern California Simge Kucukyavuz, Ohio State University Lewis Ntaimo, Texas A&M University Hanif D. Sherali, Virginia Tech
2014 First Place
James Ostrowski, Lehigh University Jeff Linderoth, University of Wisconsin-Madison Fabrizio Rossi Stefano Smriglio
2013 First Place
John Gunnar Carlsson, University of Minnesota
2012 First Place
A. A. Ahmadi A. Olshevsky P. A. Parrilo John N. Tsitsiklis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2011 First Place
Dorit S. Hochbaum
2010 First Place
Jesus De Lorea, University of California Jon Lee, IBM Research Peter Malkin Susan Margulies, Rice University Shmuel Onn, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
2009 First Place
Andreas Wachter, IBM TJ Watson Research Center Lorenz T. Beigler, Carnegie Mellon University
2008 First Place
Robert W. Day, University of Connecticut S. Raghavan, University of Maryland, Robert H Smith School of Business
2007 First Place
Janos Csirik, AT&T Laboratories David S. Johnson, AT&T Bell Labs Claire Kenyon, Brown University James B. Orlin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Peter W. Shor, AT&T Labs Richard R. Weber, Cambridge University
2006 First Place
John Drew Diane L. Evans, College of William and Mary Andrew G. Glen, United States Military Academy Lawrence Leemis, College of William and Mary
2005 First Place
Zhiwei Fu, University of Maryland Bruce L. Golden, University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business Shreevardhan Lele, University of Maryland S. Raghavan, University of Maryland, Robert H Smith School of Business Edward A. Wasil, American University
2004 First Place
Nikolaos V. Sahinidis, Carnegie Mellon University, Dept. of Chemical Engineering Mohit Tawarmalani, Purdue University
2003 First Place
Ignacio Grossman, Carnegie Mellon University
2002 First Place
Pascal Van Hentenryck, Brown University
2001 First Place
Yin Zhang, Rice University Renato D.C. Monteiro, Georgia Institute of Technology
2000 First Place
János D. Pintér, Ozyegin University
1999 First Place
Yair Censor Stavros A. Zenios, University of Cyprus
1998 First Place
Ding-Zhu Du Frank K. Hwang
1997 First Place
Dimitri P. Bertsekas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
John N. Tsitsiklis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1996 First Place
Warren P. Adams, Clemson University, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences Hanif D. Sherali, Virginia Tech
1995 First Place
John Forrest, IBM Donald Goldfarb, Columbia University
1994 First Place
Fred W. Glover, OptTek Systems, Inc.
1993 First Place
Robert Fourer, Northwestern University David Gay Brian Kernighan
1992 First Place
Irvin Lustig, Princeton Consultants Roy Marsten, Emcien Corporation David Shanno, Rutgers University
Masakazu Kojima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science Nimrod Megiddo, IBM Toshihito Noma, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dept. of Information Sciences Akiko Yoshise, University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering
1991 First Place
John Hooker, Carnegie Mellon University
1988 First Place
Alexander Meeraus , GAMS Development Corporation
1987 First Place
Fred W. Glover, OptTek Systems, Inc. Darwin Klingman, University of Austin - Texas Marcel Neuts, University of Arizona
1986 First Place
Harvey Greenberg, University of Colorado Denver (Emeritus)