Educational Videotapes for Teachers

INFORMS has videos that introduce the concepts of operations research to high school and college students.

For more recent videos and information about a career in Operations Research and Analytics, please send your students to our 'Consider a Career in O.R. and Analytics' site, which answers questions like 'Who does O.R. and Analytics?', 'What are O.R. and Analytics used for?', 'What background do I need to have?' and lists Analytics Career FAQs.

Operations Research + You = An Exciting Career

This is a video for high school students and teachers that demonstrates the relevance and excitement of operations research and mathematics in general.

This video is an invaluable teaching aid for introducing operations research concepts. Among the operations research applications discussed are:

  • scheduling in television stations news and editing rooms
  • determining expected line lengths at Disney World
  • scheduling and routing airlines at major airports
  • calculating the most efficient route for mail carriers, street sweepers, and others

The video uses both world-renowned experts and students to convey its message.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Operations Research: Science and Technology for Informed Decision Making

The high school video above may not be of interest to college level students. However, another video is available that would appeal to a more general audience. It discusses several fascinating examples of operations research in real world applications.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4: