Andrew Schultz on AIIE, ORSA, and Cornell's ORIE

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Chapter 1: Responding to a Request from Cecil Johnson of AIIE
Chapter 2: A pre-WWII Cornell Engineering Undergraduate
Chapter 3: PhD Studies, the Army, and a Chance to Teach at Cornell
Chapter 4: Devising a Five Year Curriculum
Chapter 5: Organizing IE in NY's Southern Tier
Chapter 6: Early Days of the Computer
Chapter 7: A Sabbatical at the Operations Research Office
Chapter 8: An ORSA Education Symposium
Chapter 9: The State of Academic IE Research
Chapter 10: Driving Faculty to DC in Pursuit of Funding
Chapter 11: Some Key Players in Industrial Engineering
Chapter 12: Computerizing Airline Reservations
Chapter 13: An Exciting Helicopter Ride
Chapter 14: The Evolution of IE and OR Education
Chapter 15 : A Decline in the Role of Engineers in Industrial Management

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