Innovative Applications in Analytics Award Videos

Innovative Applications in Analytics Award Videos

The purpose this award is to recognize the creative and unique application of a combination of analytical techniques in a new area. The prize promotes the awareness and value of the creative combination of analytics techniques in unusual applications to provide insights and business value.

2021 IAAA Videos

  • Operations Research Improves Biomanufacturing Efficiency at MSD Animal Health
  • Personalized Recommender System Design for an Online B2B Platform
  • Using Machine Learning to Improve Public Reporting on U.S. Government Contracts
  • Data-driven COVID-19 Vaccine Development for Janssen (winner)
  • Predictive Analytics for Detection of Metastatic Cancer
  • Using Analytics to Understand and Improve Provider Accessibility for a State Medicaid Agency

2020 IAAA Videos

  • Timing it Right: Development and Implementation of a Discharge Decision Tool for Readmission Reduction
  • Cognitive B2B Pricing Analytics Platform
  • Open Grid Europe
  • Integrated Analytics for Sustainable Agriculture in Latin America (winner)
  • Detecting Customer Trends from Transaction Data for Optimal Promotion Targeting in Retail
  • The Driver Guidance System for Taxi Drivers

2019 IAAA Videos

  • Transparent Machine Learning Models for Predicting Seizures in ICU Patients from cEEG Signals
  • Machine Learning: Multi-site Evidence-based Best Practice Discovery
  • A Machine Learning Approach to Shipping Box Design
  • InnoGPS: Innovation Global Positioning System
  • Using Advanced Analytics to Rationalize Tail Spend Suppliers at Verizon
  • Taking Assortment Optimization from Theory to Practice: Evidence from Large Field Experiments on Alibaba

2018 IAAA Videos

  • SAFE (Situational Awareness for Events): A Data Visualization System (winner)
  • Chassis Leasing and Selection Policy for Port Operations
  • Analytics to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality in Wastewater Treatment
  • Automatic Train Identification: Multidisciplinary Approach to Improve Safety and Efficiency

2017 IAAA Videos

  • Audience Targeting Solutions Powered by Advanced Analytics (winner)
  • Assurance of Supply Center – Excellence through Supply Network Optimization
  • Combining Multi Criteria Analysis with Interactive Visualization and Real Time Sensitivity Simulations to Support the Regeneration Process of Disused Railways

2015 IAAA Videos

  • Intelligent Surgical Scheduling System (winner)
  • Analytics for an Online Retailer: Demand forecasting and Price Optimization at Rue La La
  • Simulation Approach for Aircraft Spare Engines & Engine Part Planning

2014 IAAA Videos

  • An SMS Text Classification System for UNICEF Uganda
  • Enabling Greater Sustainability in Vehicle Fleet Sales through Customer-Oriented Analytics

2013 IAAA Videos

  • BracketOdds: Examining the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament with Advanced Analytics
  • Colorado Springs Police Department Repeat Offender Model
  • Customer Satisfaction Priorities: Shapely Value Analytics Based on Kano Theory
  • Data-driven Appointment Scheduling in the Presence of No-shows
  • Fully Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials: Simultaneous Learning from Multiple Patients
  • Insurance Agency Productivity and Prospecting (iAPP)
  • Machine Learning for Power Grid Reliability: Predicting Manhole Events in New York
  • Right of Way Advance Acquisition Optimization Tool
  • Robust Routing for Battery Electric Videos