INFORMS Artificial Intelligence Strategy: Opportunities at the Intersection of AI and O.R.

Keynote given at the 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA by 2019 INFORMS President Ramayya Krishnan and Pascal Van Hentenryck

From driverless cars to deep learning, from AlphaGo to poker, from health care diagnosis and delivery to smart operations, applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have captured public imagination and become an active topic of discussion among leaders in all sectors.

The Trump administration released an executive order on AI (see and held a White House summit in September 2019 on "Public Sector Implementation of AI" ( As a community and discipline that has long focused on developing solutions to important societal and business decision problems, what should our posture as a society be to these developments in AI?

In this keynote presentation, we will present the key ideas underlying the AI strategy for INFORMS and the work already underway that will find ways for members to benefit from the rise of AI. This will draw on the work done by the board, the AI strategy committee, and countless members of INFORMS.