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 The following past issues and special supplements of OR/MS Today are available to the World Wide Web:


  • April 2018: the annual special international issue of OR/MS Today, the 21st in the series, offers a whirlwind, worldwide tour of noteworthy applications and innovative initiatives of operations research and advanced analytics.
  • Will artificial intelligence destroy humanity or solve all of our problems? The lead feature article in the February 2018 issue of OR/MS Today, "When good A.I. goes bad," explores analytics and ethics concerns in the context of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As author Joseph Byrum notes, artificial intelligence isn't perfect, but validation is the key to avoiding algorithmic disaster.


  • The cover story of the 2017 December issue of OR/MS Today features excerpts from a new book by longtime INFORMS member Tom Willemain based on his sabbatical year spent at the National Security Agency, where he witnessed first-hand one of the nation’s most secretive organizations. The book, “Working on the Dark Side of the Moon,” presents a highly personal and entertaining depiction of the often misunderstood NSA, its people and its mission.
  • The cover of the 2017 October issue of OR/MS Today depicts an example of one of the more powerful and widely used tools in the operations research and analytics toolbox: simulation. Along those lines, the issue features a survey of simulation software and a preview of the Winter Simulation Conference celebrating its 50th anniversary.
  • August 2017: the annual special “Innovative Education” issue of OR/MS Today explores a long list of education initiatives, analytics academic programs and innovative ideas that are driving analytics education from middle school to grad school and beyond.
  • The cover image of the  June 2017 issue of OR/MS Today reflects the uncertainty of future funding for basic science, including the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health, given the current political environment. To that end, the issue includes columns by INFORMS President Brian Denton and INFORMS VP Laura Albert that address the situation, as well as opportunities and actions INFORMS members and other members of the scientific community should consider. Also featured is a new edition of the linear programming software survey.
  • The April 2017 issue is the 20th annual special international issue of OR/MS Today, which examines a series of global problems and O.R. solutions, as well as key developments that serve to advance the O.R. profession from an international perspective.
  • The February 2017 issue of OR/MS Today focuses on history, with feature articles marking the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA); a look at the development of search theory through the eyes of Larry Stone; and a profile of Ada Lovelace, the "first female computer scientist" and the daughter of famed poet Lord Byron. Also featured is a new edition of the survey of statistical analysis software.


  • The cover story from the December 2016 issue of OR/MS Today highlights the emerging field of probability management and how the technology provides California power company PG&E an aggregates operational risk snapshot to assess tradeoffs between safety, reliability and cost.
  • The October 2016 issue of OR/MS Today puts the focus on the topic of decision-making, which goes to the heart and soul of operations research and high-end analytics. The issue includes a decision analysis software survey, featuring side-by-side comparisons of DA packages along with a vendor directory.
  • The August 2016 issue of OR/MS Today is our annual "Innovative Education" special issue spotlighting academic departments, programs, courses, initiatives, trends, surveys and best practices that enhance the education of students who aspire to become tomorrow's leaders in the O.R./analytics field.
  • The June 2016 issue of OR/MS Today features a biennial survey of forecasting software, one of the most popular tools in any analyst's toolbox. Along with exploring new capabilities and trends in the field, the survey includes a side-by-side comparison of 26 forecasting packages along with a directory of vendors.
  • The April 2016 issue of OR/MS Today features interesting and innovative applications of operations research from around the world. The global tour, the 19th in a series of special international issues, begins with a look at optimal design of airspace in Sweden and ends with water conservancy & hydropower engineering in China.
  • The cover story for the February 2016 issue of OR/MS Today focuses on vehicle routing software along with the market demands and associated innovations that are driving transformation in the industry. The VR survey includes a directory of software vendors and side-by-side comparison of 25 packages.


  • The cover story for the December issue of OR/MS Today focuses on "opportunities in sustainability," another in a series of articles on engineering "Grand Challenges" and how operations research can play the role of catalyst in helping solve them. Needless to say, energy and the environment take center stage.
  • The October issue of OR/MS Today casts a long shadow on the popular O.R. tool simulation. The issues features an extensive survey of simulation software, including side-by-side comparisons of 55 software packages and, just in time for Halloween, an article on the "Pedagogy of Zombies," which outlines how a simulation of human vs. zombie behavior has turned into an attention-grabbing teaching tool.
  • August — This year’s “innovative Education” special issue of OR/MS Todaytakes a look at a wide range of topics, including Analytics and the MBA Program Core: Why it’s essential for future managers to have an understanding of analytics and data. The issue also includes the first in a series of articles on how O.R. can serve as a “catalyst” to take on engineering’s “Grand Challenges.”
  • June — Gene Woolsey – a powerful, vocal and unflinching force of nature in the O.R. community for several decades – passed away earlier this year. In the June issue of OR/MS Today, former students, colleagues and friends recall the life and times of the unforgettable professor, provocateur and patron saint of O.R. practical applications. Given Dr. Woolsey’s historical impact on the profession, it’s fitting that the issue also includes an article on the “useful history” of operations research and what the future may hold.
  • April — Special International Issue — This year's special international issue of OR/MS Today, the 18th in the series, presents yet another worldwide tour of interesting O.R. applications, from railway planning in Kazakhstan to soccer scheduling in Chile to French Army logistics across France and Africa.
  • February — Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which veered off its scheduled course last March and vanished somewhere over the vast Indian Ocean, remains as of this writing one of the great mysteries in aviation history. In his cover story for the February 2015 issue of OR/MS Today, Arnold Barnett, an MIT professor and widely recognized expert in aviation safety, takes an analytical look at the mysterious event and raises and answers several questions concerning what it means and doesn’t mean about aviation safety, including the question on everyone’s mind: “Will we ever learn what happened to MH 370?”


  • Psychological profiling of world leaders — Is it possible to predict how Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and other world leaders would act under various scenarios? Such predictions would be valuable, whether the situation was diplomatic, full-scale war or something in between. While human behavior is difficult to model, using mathematical models to improve psychological profiling is an idea worth pursuing, as the cover story of the December 2014 issue of OR/MS Today points out.
  • October — The Middle East is ablaze, humanitarian crises abound, the Ebola virus is spreading. Difficult times call for creative answers: an introduction to the concept of MIST (management innovation as a strategic technology) in the era of enormous economic, social and geopolitical challenges. 
  • August marks the annual "Innovative Education" back-to-school special issue of OR/MS Today featuring contributions from a handful of the many dedicated teachers in the greater O.R. community and their innovative ideas for improving the profession.
  • JuneOR/MS Today’s biennial survey of forecasting highlights new trends, developments and software capabilities, along with side-by-side comparison of 23 forecasting products. Making predictions from hard and fast data provides a key competition advantage. Survey author Jack Yurkiewicz offers an easy forecast: Forecasting will be part of information flow for the foreseeable future. If you use data to make forecasts, what should you look for in a vendor and the product? For answers, check out the cover story in the June 2014 issue of OR/MS Today.
  • April — The 17th annual special international issue of OR/MS Today once again turns the spotlight on interesting applications of operations research beyond the U.S. borders. This year's featured international applications range from the forests of Argentina to the farmlands of Bavaria in Germany, but the issue begins with a truly international and universal concern: public health, pandemics and associated response logistics. Authors Mario Ventresca and Dionne Aleman note that, "public health is poised to reap the benefits of data mining technologies," and they propose an innovative approach to the problem: analyzing social networks with combinations of data mining, optimization and network science to uncover promising pandemic mitigation strategies.
  • February feature the Vehicle routing software survey - Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos made headlines late last year when he revealed a futuristic drone-based delivery system, but don't look for drones to replace trucks any time soon as the delivery method of choice. Back here on Earth, companies continue to strive to make their ground-based logistics faster and more efficient in response to rising customer demands, and they're doing it with integrated, data-driven, near real-time vehicle routing (VR) solutions. In the February issue of OR/MS Today, co-authors Janice Partyka and Randolph Hall explore the many technical trends and new capabilities that are driving innovation in the VR industry while introducing the magazine's biennial vehicle routing software survey. The survey includes side-by-side comparisons of 17 VR software packages from 15 national and international vendors.


  • The December issue of OR/MS Today examines the origins of O.R. with "The evolution of analytics" - Authors Harsha Rao and Deepali Jain of Mu Sigma present an historical perspective on the fast-developing field and its expected impact on science now and in the future. The authors trace the origins of analytics back to 1820 when Pierre Simon Laplace proposed that errors associated with scientific observations followed a pattern - a simple thought that started the statistical revolution. Today, as data collection and machine-learning algorithms push the boundary on artificial intelligence, the authors conclude that the 'evolution of analytics is destined to scale the speed at which we discover ourselves and our environment, leading to a future that has tremendous potential for humanity.'
  • The real healthcare threat — Lost in the fierce, multi-year political battle over the Affordable Care Act, mandated insurance and computer glitches during the launch of online healthcare exchanges is a relatively hidden but very real pox on the U.S. healthcare system: An estimated 200,000 preventable deaths (and perhaps 10 times that number of injuries) occur in the United States each year due to systems errors. Dr. Brent C. James, internationally known for his work in clinical quality improvement and patient safety, and Doug Samuelson exam the problem in the their cover story, "Healthcare: Change we can live with," in the October issue of OR/MS Today. The authors prescribe building data capabilities and using analytics to make critical improvements in patient safety and wellness.
  • August 2013 — "Innovative Education" issue: Business students used to cringe at the thought of taking an analytics (i.e., operations research) course. Now, given the changing corporate climate and job market demands, they are "thirsting" for analytics, according to university professor Peter Bell in his cover story "What business students need to know about analytics."
  • The June 2013 issue of OR/MS Today features articles on this year's Edelman Award winners, memories of Saul Gass, the process of launching INFORMS' Certified Analytics Professional program and the latest edition of the Linear Progamming Software Survey.
  • From fighting forest fires in Canada to driving better business performance in India, the April 2013 issue of OR/MS Today — the 16th Annual Special International Issue — presents diverse applications of operations research from around the world.
  • The February 2013 issue of OR/MS Today offers a "tsunami" of statistical-oriented articles. Topics include: International Year of Statistics; Nate Silver vs. Real Clear Politics; and a look at how the Obama campaign team employed a superior use of analytics. Also featured in the issue is the latest edition of the Statistical Software Survey.


  • December's main feature covers "implicit sentiment mining," a new approach to gaining insight while exploring social media, blogosphere and other communication channels. Other articles focus on analytics, O.R. and healthcare; and the integration of data mining and forecasting.
  • The October 2012 cover story of OR/MS Today focuses on a "certified analytics professional program," a new INFORMS initiative that figures to boost the careers of analytics professionals, as well as confirm INFORMS as the premier organizational home for analytics professionals and conferences.
  • The August issue focuses on "Innovative Education," as changing real-world demands and problems offer opportunities to re-imagine and re-align O.R. education.
  • June features a survey of forecasting software and a report on the winner of the coveted Edelman Award.
  • April, the annual international issue, shines a spotlight on healthcare, environment and education.
  • The February 2012 issue of OR/MS Today features articles on analytics consulting, pandemic simulations and decision analysis. Also featured is the latest edition of the Vehicle Routing Software Survey.


  • The December 2011 issue features articles on marketing science, O.R. at IBM and healthcare, plus a Q&A with Incoming President Terry Harrison, and more.
  • The biennial simulation software survey highlights the October 2011 issue. The issue also includes articles on: the value of reproducible research; the advantages of multi-agent-based systems in tackling complex problems; and more.
  • August features "back-to-school" articles on OR education and more.
  • June's issue features a 2012 presidential election prediction, this year's Edelman winner and the latest edition of the Linear Programming Software Survey.
  • April is the annual INTERNATIONAL O.R. issue.
  • The February issue covers O.R.'s take on healthcare reform, basketball and more. Also featured is the latest edition of the Statistical Software Survey.


  • The December issue focuses on homeland security. Also featured are articles on predictive analytics' role in environmental and energy issues, simulation and stochastic optimization for risk management, and an interview with INFORMS President-Elect Rina Schneur.
  • October includes features on business intelligence and analytics, defense resource issues, and predictive human resources. Also featured is the Decision Analysis Software Survey.
  • August features an exclusive interview, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, talks about his O.R. background, advising the president, Afghan intel and more.
  • The June issue of takes a closer look, from an analyst's point of view, of a report calling for a massive overhaul of how military intelligence is gathered and utilized in Afghanistan.
  • April's special international issue highlights interesting applications of operations research from around the globe.
  • Featured in the February issue - Vehicle Routing: Communication and location technologies take a creative turn according to our biennial survey of VR software.


  • Featured in the December issue - Know Thy Enemy: From the boardroom to the battlefield, strategic wargames help corporate and military leaders make decisions
  • The October is a primer on how to buy, sell, start and manage O.R. projects. Also featured is the 2009 Simulation Software Survey.
  • The August is the annual Innovative Education Special Issue: How academicians can maximize their worth during tough economic times.
  • The June issue features Computational Biology: The interplay between medicine, bio-engineering and medical physics presents intriguing opportunities for operations research.
  • April focuses on "The O.R. Globetrotters" in another Special International Issue which takes the reader on a trip around the world to see noteworthy O.R. applications and initiatives.
  • The February issue features articles on using data mining to find terrorists, the debate over O.R. credentialing and the possibilities of governing via the Internet. Also featured is the biennial survey of statistical software.


  • The December issue features an article on the powerful combination of revenue management and digital marketing; an interview with Stephen Baker, author of "The Numerati;" and a Q&A with INFORMS President-Elect, Don Kleinmuntz.
  • October features stories on business analytics, the "keys" to the White House and the biennial survey of Decision Analysis Software.
  • August is the annual "Back to School" issue and features stories such as Planting the Grassroots Seeds of O.R.: imagine 500,000 prep proponents of operations research!
  • June's feature story is 'The Coming Plague': Journalist Laurie Garrett wrote the book 15 years ago and warned of a growing new health threat. Did anyone pay attention? Also featured is the latest edition of the Forecasting Software Survey.
  • April features the 11th in a series of special International Issues of OR/MS Today. Take a look at several far-flung O.R. problems that highlight cultural differences and commonalities in an ever-shrinking world.
  • February focuses on "Doing Good With Good O.R." — from community welfare to national biodefense to international human rights, operations research fights the good fight ... from an analytical standpoint. Also featured is an update of the Vehicle Routing Software Survey.


  • December features a Q&A with INFORMS President-Elect Cynthia Barnhart, who discusses everything from the the state of the profession and aviation operations to her brush with fame, her presidential agenda and her iPod.
  • The (almost) Real Deal: the October issue features OR/MS Today's biennial survey of discrete-event simulation reveals some interesting trends and developments in the dare-we-say omnipresent software.
  • Best in Class: August features OR/MS Today's annual back-to-school special issue, this year highlighting an all-star line-up of innovative O.R. educators from coast-to-coast.
  • Featured in the June 2007 issue: The Franz Edlelman Award, named for the quintessential practitioner of operations research and the management sciences, is widely consider the "Super Bowl of O.R." This year's O.R. (operations research) winner went where no other Edelman Award winner had gone before: the O.R. (operating room). Also featured is the ninth edition of the Linear Programming Software Survey.
  • April 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of a series of special International Issues of OR/MS Today. As in the past, the issue seeks to highlight outstanding O.R. applications and education, no matter where it is practiced, preached or taught. Our worldwide tour includes stops in the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Japan, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and MIT (which some would say is in a world all its own).
  • The lead story of the February issue of asks, who says all the great operations research problems have already been solved? From real-time mixed integer programming to air traffic and disaster management, plenty of challenges await O.R. Also featured: biennial survey of statistical analysis software, an ambitious Air Force program designed to cut costs and an update on the COIN-OR initiative.


  • The December issue features articles on a variety of topics such as: an O.R. researcher's experience with a media "storm,"` coverage of a symposium on O.R. and criminal justice, a decision theory analysis of the attack on Iraq and a primer on the new age of optimization applications. Also featured is the biennial survey and directory of decision analysis software.
  • The October issue features articles on a variety of topics such as computerized third party negotiation, starting a consulting career and the history of ICS.
  • The August issue features the annual "back-to-school" focus on O.R. education. Also featured is the 2006 Forecasting Software Survey.
  • The June issue features articles on the recent Edelman Award presentation and winners as well as queueing for voting and patient flow. Also featured is the 2006 Vehicle Routing Software Survey.
  • The April issue features the annual International OR section, plus part 2 of Probability Management.
  • The February issue of OR/MS Today features articles on Probability Management, the journal Operations Research and a special report on O.R.'s Academe & Industry.


  • The December issue presents a one-on-one interview with INFORMS President-Elect Mark Daskin, who advanced through the publications ranks — an area he's looking to target during his upcoming presidency. Other topics include a case study on how a PC-based DSS is changing the operations end of a New Zealand dairy company, John L. Nazareth's take on the art and science of "Better" and a biennial survey of discrete-event simulation software tools.
  • The October issue gives you the story of how INFORMS staffers and volunteers moved quickly to relocate the Annual Meeting in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Other topics include: O.R. in Africa, pro bono consulting and applying operations research to aviation security.
  • In tribute to the "Father of LP," the August issue includes more reminiscences of George B. Dantzig. This back-to-school special edition also features an in-depth look at whether or not O.R. grads are adequately prepared for the "real world."
  • The June issue of pays tribute to the late, great George Bernard Dantzig. Also featured is the eight edition of our Linear Programming Software Survey.
  • The April issue of OR/MS Today looks at international Operations Research, from Canada to Sweden and beyond.
  • The February issue of looks at how to thwart high-tech theft, use agent-based modeling in social science and teach sports O.R. in the classroom and examines the latest statistical analysis software survey.


  • The December issue introduces readers to INFORMS President-elect Richard Larson, explores sense-and-respond operations in the military and features the fifth biennial forecasting software survey.
  • The October issue features articles on emergency planning, historical perspectives of "selling" O.R. and more. Also, this issue brings the seventh edition of the Decision Analysis Software Survey.
  • The August issue features articles in Innovative Operations Research Education covering topics like teaching Revenue Management in business schools and helping teens learn how to make better decisions using simple O.R. techniques.
  • The June issue brings articles on predictive models, O.R. in sports and the challenges and opportunities of RFID. Also featured is a new edition of the Vehicle Routing Software Survey.
  • The April issue brings the return of the Special International Issue. Learn about applied Operations Research solutions from Turkey, Germany, Sweden and Canada.
  • The February issue continues the debate over the "Science of Better" marketing campaign; recalls the life and times of Andrew (Andy) Vazsonyi, and takes an O.R. approach to predicting the popular vote for the upcoming presidency.


  • The December issue heralds the seventh addition of the Linear Programming Software Survey. Also featured: Altanta meeting awards; Life After Edelman, Part 2; and a look at the recently announced "Science of Better" marketing campaign.
  • The October issue covers a variety of topics including: branding Operations Research, capturing the knowledge of a veteran workforce and forecasting with virtual stock markets.
  • The August issue focuses on OR/MS education. Also featured is an update of the Simulation Software Survey.
  • The June issue premieres our Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Survey. Also featured is an article on how Operations Research helped win Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • The April issue features the annual International O.R. topic. Learn about applied operations research projects in Singapore, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and other locales.
  • Everyone has their eye on the February issue of OR/MS Today's Forecasting Software Survey. Find out which product is right for you! Other stories include data mining analytics, operational risk management in financial services, and March Madness returns.


  • The December issue of OR/MS Today features an inspiring lecture from Secretary of the Air Force James G. Roche about the challenges facing military Operations Research. Other stories focus on demand forecasting, research productivity from business schools and the recent INFORMS meeting in San Jose.
  • The October issue marks the 50th anniversary of Operations Research. This special issue recounts problems, solutions, anecdotes and achievements over the last 50 years, and beyond. Contributions by Saul I. Gass, Andrew Vazsonyi, Gene Woolsey, Sid Hess and more make this issue an extra special tribute.
  • The August issue of OR/MS Today features stories on OR/MS education — particularly teaching it to MBAs. Also featured is an update to the Spreadsheet Add-Ins for OR/MS Software Survey.
  • Decision-makers face new dilemmas daily. If you are one of them, compare and contrast the different decision analysis software in the June issue of OR/MS Today. Also learn more about the successful ventures of Continental Airlines which recently won the coveted Edelman Award.
  • April features another Special International Issue. Come explore the universal problems of operations researchers from around the globe.
  • The February issue is focused on the transportation industry. The results for vehicle routing software survey are available as well as a closer look into revenue management. In addition we talked to President-elect Tom Cook about his new position as CEO of CALEB Technologies.


  • The December issue's cover story raises questions about Sept. 11 and air safety. Also get to know Saul Gass, a pioneer of operations research, in a Q&A. With over 50 years experience in the field, Gass gives his perspectives on the past and for the coming years.
  • The October issue features the Statistical Analysis Software Survey. It also takes a timely look at disruption management.
  • August, the Back-to-School Special issue, highlights innovative education in Operations Research. Article Topics include: LP vs NLP, Online Exams, Decision Making, Shop Talk 101, Executive Ed and Course Correction. A Linear Programming Software Survey is also included in the issue with more than 45 products.
  • The June issue of OR/MS Today highlights the recipients of the Franz Edelman Award Competition, recognized as a showcase for the very best applications of operations research/management science. Other topics include revenue management for the movie theater industry and the benefits of decision support systems.
  • The April edition of OR/MS Today is the fourth Special International Issue. Feature stories cover diverse, international OR applications in economics, AIDS research, network optimization, airline crew-scheduling and more. The issue also includes a special section on the "keys to success" in international OR consulting.
  • The February issue features stories on recent developments in HIV allocation, inventory replenishment systems and tournament modeling. In addition, a simulation software survey details the functions of products available in the industry.


  • The December issue features articles on innovative OR/MS education and designing organizations.
  • The October issue features stories on a variety of topics and includes the 2000 edition of the Decision Analysis Software Survey.
  • The August issue focuses on OR applied to transportation science and features the 2000 edition of the Vehicle Routing Software Survey.
  • The June issue features stories of applied OR in the corporate world. Executives interested in finding out more about INFORMS, operations research or this special issue should visit:
  • April's edition of OR/MS Today focuses on International OR. Stories cover applied OR work from Brazil, Israel, New Zealand and points beyond.
  • February's issue focuses on Career Development. It also features the 2000 edition of the Forecasting Software Survey.


  • December's issue focuses on OR applications in commercial aviation. Also, the 2000 OR/MS Today Resource Directory is online! Check out the latest edition of our listing of OR/MS related software, vendors and publishers.
  • The October edition of OR/MS Today includes the 1999 edition of the Statistical Analysis Software Survey.
  • August's issue covers diverse topics and includes the 1999 edition of the Linear Programming Software Survey.
  • The June edition of OR/MS Today covers diverse topics such as data mining, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and resource allocation for ambulances and hospitals.
  • The April issue focuses on OR around the world.
  • The February issue features stories on organ transplant allocation, statistical sampling in the 2000 census and a tribute to Robert Engel Machol. Also online is the The 1999 Simulation Software Survey.


  • The December issue features stories on applying transportation management software, trends in mathematical programming and OR that's shaking up the corporate world. Also online is the 1998 OR/MS Resource Directory — our annual listings of software vendors, company profiles and consultants for the OR/MS community.
  • The October issue features stories on the impact of global alliances within the airline industry, the history of OR in China and much more.
  • The August issue features a story on the national organ transplantation policy , the 1998 Decision Analysis Software Survey, and much more.
  • The June issue features Thomas Cook's keynote address from the recent COS/INFORMS meeting, the 1998 Nonlinear Programming Software Survey, and much more.
  • The April issue features a story on making the switch from academia to the "real world" and a review of Frontier Analyst.
  • February's issue deals with a variety of topics from health care to OR in India . Also in this issue, the 1998 Forecasting Software Survey and the 1995-97 Editorial Index.


  • The December issue looks at the effectiveness of mandatory minimum sentencing as well as information technology in the work place. Also in this issue, the 1997 OR/MS Today Resource Directory.
  • The October issue focuses on trends in computer-based simulations and optimization.
  • August 1997 - this issue examines applied uses of OR/MS in various fields such as telecommunications, the call center industry and air travel regulation.
  • June 1997 - The June edition examines the state of OR/MS as a profession. Also featured is the 1997 Vehicle Routing Software Survey.
  • April 1997 - this issue examines why the financial sector attracts so many OR professionals. Also featured is the 1997 Linear Programming Software Survey.
  • February 1997 - this issue takes an in-depth look at how OR/MS is taught in business schools. Also featured is a software survey that examines Spreadsheet Add-ins pertinent to OR/MS applications.


  • December 1996 - features articles about the effect of operations research on environmental concerns plus a Forecasting Software survey, providing a cross-referenceable chart of products currently on the market.
  • October 1996 - This issue focuses on OR/MS education innovations.
  • August 1996 - OR/MS Today takes an OR approach to the affirmative action debate.
  • June 1996 - OR Around the World - Focusing on business, health, and society around the world, this issue features articles covering operations research and management science in Holland, China, Singapore, the U.K., Greece, Australia and Africa.
  • April 1996 - OR/MS Today looks at intelligent manufacturing and how it's changing the face of business today.
  • February 1996 - OR/MS Goes to Washington. The February issue takes a look at public budgeting problems and solutions.


  • December 1995 - This issue focuses on computing trends applicable to the OR/MS community.
  • October 1995 - the inaugural issue of OR/MS Today Online Editions. Includes feature stories covering our linear programming survey and a neural network approach to analyzing college football ratings.