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Enterprise On-Site

Good employers know that continued professional education and development is necessary for their employees as they look to maximize workforce performance and engagement and capitalize on employee growth, but it comes at a cost: travel costs to and from a workshop, registrations fees, and time out of the office can make such an investment difficult to justify. The bottom line is that productivity stays up when employee’s stay at work and it is important to find professional development programs that can supplement this requirement.

INFORMS’ on-site, professional development solutions provide organizations with high quality, customizable professional education and development programs for O.R. and analytics professionals at a reasonable cost. Bring one of our workshops to your organization to improve your staff and their O.R. and analytics practices while saving time and money. It doesn’t take a complex algorithm or predictive model to identify that value.

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Customized Course Development and Delivery

The challenges that business’ face rarely fit neatly in a box; they are often complex, messy, and require unique solutions that come from “out of the box” thinking. INFORMS understands this reality and is equipped to provide unique, customized professional development solutions that empower organizations to meet their challenges head-on.

With access to leading researchers, educators, and practitioners in O.R. and analytics, let INFORMS help your organization create professional development experiences that give your staff the tools they need to face the business problems head-on.

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Become an Instructor with INFORMS

Are you an O.R. and analytics professional with a passion for teaching? Join the INFORMS team of professional development instructors! Like the professionals they serve, our instructors come from many different backgrounds: college professors, consulting professionals, military personnel. Your unique background and professional experience are assets that can add depth and perspective to our professional development portfolio. If you’d like to be considered as an instructors for one of our current professional development courses, please fill out the form to start the evaluation process. If you have an idea for a new course that you’d like to teach with INFORMS, consider also completing the New Professional Development Ideas form on this page.

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New Professional Development Ideas

Got an idea for a new professional development course? Do you teach a course that more people should be exposed to? If so, let us know! 

INFORMS is always looking for new ways to improve O.R. and analytics practice for all analytics and O.R. professionals, across various industries. From seasoned professionals with decades of experience, to new grads tackling their first analytics position, to tenured professors, everyone can improve their practice. If you have ideas, please consider sharing it with the Professional Development team at INFORMS. We will work with you to understand the need, the audience, and the opportunity and bring your idea to life!

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