Benjamin F. Hobbs

Benjamin F. Hobbs

Past Awards

Best Publication Award in Energy: Runner-Up
Winning material: Planning power systems in fragile and conflict-affected states

The Harold Hotelling Medal for Lifetime Achievement: Awardee(s)

Best Publication Award in Energy: Awardee(s)
Winning material: “Long-Run Equilibrium Modeling of Emissions Allowance Allocation Systems in Electric Power Markets,” Operations Research, May-June 2010, Vol. 58(3):529-548
2014 - Awardee(s)
Best Publication Award in Environment & Sustainability: Winner(s)
Winning material: “Economic and Emissions Implications of Load-Based, Source-Based, and First-Seller Emissions Trading Programs Under California AB32.” Operations Research, 59(3): 696-712, 2011
2014 - Winner(s)

INFORMS Elected Fellows: Awardee(s)

Decision Analysis Publication Award: First Place
Winning material: "Using a Bayesian Approach to Quantify Scale Compatibility Bias," Management Science, Vol. 48 , No. 2, December, 2002.