Martin Shubik

Martin Shubik

Past Awards

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MSOM iFORM SIG Best Paper Award: Winner(s)

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Frederick W. Lanchester Prize: Winner(s)

The winning publications were:

The paper, "Solving Large-Scale Zero-One Linear Programming Problems" by Ellis Johnson, Manfred Padberg, and Harlan Crowder, Operations Research, 31:5 (1983), pp. 803-834.

The book, Game Theory in the Social Sciences, by Martin Shubik, MIT Press, 1983.

The citation for the Martin Shubik book reads: "Since the publication of "Games and Decisions" by Luce and Raiffa in 1957, there has been no book on Game Theory written specifically for model builders in Operations Research, Economics, and other areas of the Social Sciences. Game Theory in the Social Sciences by Martin Shubik has been judged by many experts in the field to be the most important presentation and unification of game theory since Luce and Raiffa's book.

"This book is distinguished by a continuous interplay between theory and institutional and behavioral considerations. By using simple examples, Shubik makes the methods and tools of game theory accessible to an audience with little mathematical training. However, this expository tactic does not obscure the generality of the models or the conclusions. The final chapter on applications does an excellent job of dispelling some major misconceptions, discussing a wide range of application areas across the social sciences, and providing many references.

"In addition, the book has a wide perspective, a refreshing and vigorous expository style, and provides many new insights. It achieves significant unification by applying game theory concepts to a wide variety of situations involving multiple decision makers. In recognition of these contributions, we award it the 1983 Lanchester Prize. We also wish to commend the contributions of Lloyd Shapley, whose significant role in developing the book, particularly its mathematical underpinnings, is clearly recognized by its author."