ICS 2011 Table of Contents

R. Kevin Wood, Robert F. Dell

pdf Preface

CHAPTER 1: Game Theory and Auctions

Interdiction of a Markovian Evader
Alexander Gutfraind, Aric Hagberg, David Izraelevitz, Feng Pan

pdf Interdiction of a Markovian Evader

Collective Behavioral Patterns in a Multichannel Service Facilities System: A Cellular Automata Approach
Carlos A. Delgado, A. van Ackere, E. R. Larsen, K. Sankaranarayanan

pdf Collective Behavioral Patterns

Solving Defender-Attacker-Defender Models for Infrastructure Defense
David L. Alderson, Gerald G. Brown, W. Matthew Carlyle, R. Kevin Wood

pdf Solving Defender-Attacker-Defender Models

Assignment Preferences and Combinatorial Auctions
Robert W. Day, S. Raghavan

pdf Assignment Preferences

CHAPTER 2: Statistics

A Streaming Statistical Algorithm for Detection of SSH Keystroke Packets in TCP Connections
Saptarshi Guha, Paul Kidwell, Ashrith Barthur, William S. Cleveland,John Gerth, Carter Bullard

pdf A Streaming Statistical Algorithm

CHAPTER 3: Mathematical and Dynamic Programming

Factory Crane Scheduling by Dynamic Programming
Ionut¸ Aron, Latife Gen¸c-Kaya, Iiro Harjunkoski, Samid Hoda, J. N. Hooker

pdf Factory Crane Scheduling

Stochastic Semidefinite Programming for Emergency Relief Logistics
Chun-Hung Cheng, Yuntao Zhu

pdf Stochastic Semidefinite Programming

Special Case Studies of the Stochastic p-Hub Center Single Allocation Problem with Service Constraints
Li Zhang

pdf Special Case Studies of the Stochastic p-Hub

Lookahead Branching for Mixed Integer Programming
Wasu Glankwamdee, Jeff Linderoth

pdf Lookahead Branching

CHAPTER 4: Heuristics

Fast Local Search and Insertion Heuristics for Coordinated UGV Path Planning
Richard Kenefic

pdf Fast Local Search and Insertion Heuristics

A Steiner-Zone Heuristic for Solving the Close-Enough Traveling Salesman Problem
William K. Mennell, Bruce L. Golden, Edward Wasil

pdf A Steiner-Zone Heuristic

CHAPTER 5: Sensors

Sensor Deployment Through Geometric Cooperation
David C. Arney, Kristin Arney, Elisha Peterson

pdf Sensor Deployment

Energy-Efficient Task Mapping for Data-Driven Sensor Network Macroprogramming Using Constraint Programming
Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh, Pierre Flener, Edith Ngai, Justin Pearson

pdf Energy-Efficient Task Mapping