INFORMS Analytics Collections

Ending Human Trafficking with Analytics
Transforming Retail through Analytics
Healthcare in the Age of Analytics
Analytics in Sports
Elections: Analytics and Beyond
Confronting Public Problems with Operations Research
Big Data Analytics
Fueling Transportation with Analytics & Technology
Wisdom of the Crowd: Crowdsourcing Analytics
Securing INFORMS in a Digital World
Military O.R.: The Science of Secure Nation
Diversity & Inclusion: Analytics for Social Impact
Harnessing Value through Streaming Data Analytics
Elections: Analytics & Beyond (2nd edition)
INFORMS Editor's Cut: 25 Years of INFORMS
Feeding the World through Analytics (2nd edition)
Advances in Integrating AI & O.R.
Environment and Climate
Call For Volume Editors

INFORMS is excited to announce the new comprehensive online multimedia library that will make it easier than ever before to identify and utilize a variety of great information about operations research and analytics across a range of current topics and issues.

INFORMS Analytics Collections (formerly Editor’s Cut) aggregates a wealth of content -- including journal articles; media stories; podcasts and videos; as well as a variety of other information from INFORMS and other sources -- into a sophisticated yet simple-to-use platform. In addition to its compelling content and sleek user experience, what makes INFORMS Analytics Collections a unique and powerful resource, are the experts leading and curating the collection.

Led by Nicholas G. Hall, the content for each INFORMS Analytics Collections topic will be curated by a subject matter expert.

To ensure INFORMS Analytics Collections truly thrives, we are seeking a range of other experts across a number of initial topics, including:

  • Climate change/weather
  • Data security
  • Social media
  • Humanitarianism
  • Disaster preparedness/epidemics
  • Information security/privacy
  • Food/agriculture/farming
  • Drones (delivery)/autonomous cars

That means, INFORMS wants you!

Are you well read? Do you have an expertise in a key topic? What O.R./analytics issues do you see trending? What topics haven’t been covered but should be? Do you have an upcoming meeting for which you’d like an INFORMS Analytics Collections collection? If you answered yes, then you’re well on your way to joining the INFORMS Analytics Collections team!

You can review the full INFORMS Analytics Collections guidelines here, but in the meantime, key qualifications include:

  • INFORMS membership
  • Familiarity with INFORMS website (for search purposes)
  • Enthusiasm for your topic and dissemination of information
  • Aptitude to write and film an introduction
  • Understanding of the role of scholarly publications in the electronic age
  • Commitment to 2-3 months of intermittent work effort
  • Ability to efficiently communicate ideas/vision

Be sure to submit your application today and help ensure INFORMS Analytics Collections becomes a must-use resource for O.R. and analytics research.