INFORMS Journals Archive 1952-1997


INFORMS offers academic institutions over 40 years of online content via the INFORMS Journals Archive. The Journal Archive includes perpetual access* to 197 total volumes, 1,243 issues, 177,000 pages, and over 15,000 articles covering operations research and all of its historical impact.

INFORMS Journals Archive of 9 journals can be purchased for the single payment price of only $4,800. Contact an INFORMS representative to see if you are eligible for special pricing discounts of up to $900. Discounts are based on your current INFORMS journal subscriptions.

INFORMS Journal Archive is yours for a single-purchase price

The journals archives include articles from volume 1, issue 1 through 1997 of the 9 INFORMS journals launched before 1998. You can expand your institution's library holdings with over 40 years of historical operations research. The INFORMS Journals Archive accommodates your patrons research needs and provides an abundant source of high-impact, searchable, journal content for your library.

The INFORMS Journals Archive includes:

  • Access to the archives of INFORMS two flagship publications, Operations Research (1952) and Management Science (1954), in addition to the other 7 titles included in the collection.
  • Continuous access to 197 total volumes, 1,243 issues, over 15,000 articles and 177,000 pages covering operations research and its historical impact on the profession.
  • Articles from volume 1, issue 1, of the 9 INFORMS journals launched before 1998.
  • Keywords and abstract searching for the entire collection as well as access to full-text PDFs.
  • Faculty, students, O.R. professionals, and historians will value the journals archive collection spanning over 40 years of O.R. research, methods, and applications.
  • Feature-rich hosting with all other INFORMS content on Atypon┬«.
  • Reduction of over 30 linear feet of shelf space.
  • Perpetual access guaranteed via an annual $250 maintenance fee.*
 INFORMS Archive Journals  Archive Years
 Operations Research  1952-1997
 Management Science  1954-1997
 Transportation Science  1967-1997
 Interfaces (now: INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics)  1970-1997
 Mathematics of Operations Research  1976-1997
 Marketing Science  1982-1997
 INFORMS Journal on Computing  1989-1997
 Information Systems Research  1990-1997
 Organization Science  1990-1997

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* Perpetual Access - Annual Maintenance Fee Buy-Out
Perpetual access is maintained via the payment of a modest annual maintenance fee of $250 starting in the second year. Institutions also have the option of a one-time buyout payment of $3,000.

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