INFORMS Analytics Collections Procedure for Applicants

INFORMS newest initiative is underway and needs your help! We are looking for volunteers who would like to be a volume editor or co-editor for an INFORMS Analytics Collections collection of their topic choice. Simply submit your topic and follow the guidelines below.

INFORMS INFORMS Analytics Collections Procedure for Volume Editor Applicants

  1. Get a topic approved
    • Is my topic hot? If your topic is pertinent and timely, can be found at the forefront of academic research and multimedia news outlets, and relates to OR/MS and analytics, consider submitting an application to INFORMS Analytics Collections.
    • My topic is hot, how do I submit it? Visit the INFORMS Analytics Collections application page and submit your topic idea.
    • Help getting started questions
      • Where to go? Library, students, INFORMS staff.
      • Submit a related keyword list to the Pubs staff coordinator and the INFORMS staff will send along a preliminary list of INFORMS content to review for your INFORMS Analytics Collections, which can be used as a starting point and you can add and remove content from the list.
      • Google Site Search. Did you know you could just add “site:” before a URL to search all the content on that site?
      • I don’t have access to all the INFORMS Journals, how can I see all published content? Request a complimentary subscription to the Pubs Suite: Only available to INFORMS members and must be approved by the series editor.
      • What do you need back from me? Create a topic content list in Excel (an example template can be sent to you) to be returned to the series editor and INFORMS staff.
  2. Compiling INFORMS Content
    • The content requirements for an INFORMS Analytics Collections collection are as follows:
      • Select 20–22 pieces of media, with at least two digital media sources (i.e. videos, Podcasts), two industry articles (OR/MS Today, Analytics, Subdivision articles), and no more than 15 research articles.
      • Select articles published in any of INFORMS existing journals (including TutORials in Operations Research), with effort made to pull from at least six different journals for each INFORMS Analytics Collections volume.
      • Ideally, at least 50% of the articles should be from the issues published in the previous two years.
      • Prepare video and text introduction presenting the motivation and timeliness of the collection. If you need help creating a video, contact the Pubs staff coordinator.
      • Pertinent and timely non-INFORMS resources are allowed, but limited to 4-5, and will be included as links only on the INFORMS Analytics Collections webpage – it will not be considered part of the volume.
      • When compiling media, editors are encouraged to feature authors/speakers from a broad representation of gender, ethnicity, and professional affiliations.
      • Please note that INFORMS Analytics Collections volumes are evergreen. Volume editors are expected to periodically update and add new content to their collection.
    • Other volume editor requirements include:
      • Participation in a possible facilitated topic discussion to take place on INFORMS Connect around the launch of the volume or thereafter. You will be notified by the Series Editor when scheduling a discussion.
      • Dissemination of congratulatory emails to authors of selected journal content.
  3. How/Where to Search
    • INFORMS Journals (Advanced Search)
      1. Login to INFORMS PubsOnline using your INFORMS username and password.
      2. Select advanced search or go to Advanced Search and key in a term.             
      3. Use the filter options on the left-hand side to narrow your search results.
      4. See an abstract by clicking on the article title. From there, download the PDF and see article download counts and links to cited-by articles.
      5. An article can be saved to your favorites for future viewing by using the Article Tools on the left-hand side of the abstract page.
      6. View all your saved favorites by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner.
    • OR/MS Today
      • Visit the search page
      • Results can be filtered to OR/MS Today by selecting the 'or/ms today' keyword filter in the sidebar.
      • If you are looking for something particular and can’t find it, let the Pubs staff coordinator know and we can search and retrieve the articles from our archive files.
    • Analytics
    • Videos
      • INFORMS channel on YouTube
      • INFORMS Video Learning Center: Presentations in the library include plenary and keynote addresses, Daniel H. Wagner Prize competition, and the Franz Edelman Award competition.
    • INFORMS Online
    • Subdivisions