OR/MS Tomorrow Mini Poster Competition 2020 Winners

The ability to summarize and articulate research ideas effectively and efficiently is vitally important. To nurture student researchers in developing these skills, OR/MS Tomorrow ran our very first mini poster competition for Fall/Winter 2020 with the generous support from the Bonder Foundation!

Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster PhD-level First Place Winner: Denissa Purba

First place PHD-1

Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster PhD-level Second Place Winner: Bhawana Rathore

Second Place PhD

Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster Honorable Mention: Xi Cheng

Honorable Mention PhD

Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster Master-level First Place Winner: Stefanie Walsh

First place Master level-1

Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster Master-level Second Place Winner: Ashley Nchewi Gekpe


Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster Undergraduate-level First Place Winners: Menna Hassan and Daniel Jacobson

First Place Undergrad-1

Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster Undergraduate-level Second Place Winner: Kara Combs

second place undergrad

Fall/Winter 2020 Mini Poster Undergraduate-level Honorable Mention: Jorge Dozal and Lingyu Meng

honorable mention Undergrad